Carbon Beach

Malibu, California

Carbon Beach

Located on the beachfront in Malibu, Carbon Beach House is a renovation and addition to John Mautner's Segel house. The client's desire to add an indoor 25 meter lap pool was the catalyst for the project. The careful consideration of what to remove and expand to meet the goals of the client while remaining true to the original intent and spirit of Lautner's design created a welcome challenge for us.

A post-Lautner two-story bedroom was replaced with the new pool room and is framed by generous glazing which lets in plenty of natural light and blurs the boundaries of inside and out. The concrete lap pool is subtle and compliments the existing architecture.

An extensive yet meticulous interior remodel of the rest of the house also defined the scope of work. The garage was renovated into a media room while the dance studio upstairs was redesigned as an office space for the client. The kitchen was expanded to reconfigured to create a more spacious, open experience which connected into the new living room. The bedrooms were also renovated to provide more usable space while being sensitive to the main features which characterize the house.

photo credit: Roger Davies